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"L is real 2401" is a hoax. The hoax was based around a fountain statue and the plaque underneath it saying : "L IS REAL 2-401."

This encouraged fans to create a story that 2401 coins needed to be collected and to return safely to the statue.

However, after doing so, luigi didn't came to be :(

But don't worry! There's always the ROM Hacks!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))

L is real 2401 This is why: Super paper Mario came out 2/4/01. 2- February 4- fourth 01- two thousand one

Paper Mario came out February Fourth, 2001. And, Luigi was in it. It could actually be spelled out "Eternal Star," but the bad graphics make it look like it's saying "L is real 2401."

Under it, it looks like it says "in paper M".

In the Legend of Zelda, there is a statue that says L is real 2401. This is the same reason.

24 years and 1 month after the game's original release game files were uncovered confirming Luigi's existence ending this 24 year and 1 month mystery.

Castlecourtyard.jpgThe Statue is here somewhere :(